Selma Asotić is a young woman from Sarajevo who is shaping her powerful thoughts and feelings into actions to make positive change in women’s’ constant struggle with injustice, abuse, inequality and systematic oppression. 

Rising above hopelessness and fear from her early childhood, she refuses to be part of a world where women are seen as less than. Through working and speaking to different people around her, she hopes to make a ripple in the current political system and encourage women to raise their voices. 

“For me, becoming empowered means becoming aware, through political education and emancipation, of the material conditions governing our existence in the society. Trying to change these conditions, which are unjust and exploitative, and move towards a more egalitarian community that would abolish the existing power hierarchies between human beings is the core of our struggle.”

Selma is currently involved in co-editing a magazine for feminist theory and art called, ‘Bona.’